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Admin the Wireless Settings to the Router

A network has internet protocol addresses for the equipment attached to the network, and most routers reserve the address on a network.

Typing into the address bar of the computer’s web browser often accesses the network router. Any security requirements to access the router, such as a user name and a password, are entered to proceed to the setup menu for the router.

A router will assign a unique internet protocol number to devices on the network via a process called the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP. Again, the internet protocol number for the router is often

A DHCP screen lists the devices connected on the network through the router, often with a LAN or a wireless connection. The devices connected on LAN, an abbreviation for Local Area Network, are directly linked to the router via some cable interface. The wireless devices connect to the router via radio signals, in a manner similar to a wireless telephone.

The DHCP screen on the router, accessed from the web address, can also show wireless devices on the network that do not belong in the network. Outside access to a wireless network is a risk for every network administrator. Wise administrators use a signal encryption and a password requirement for wireless access.

Again, to change the settings to your wireless network, the administration functions for the router are accessed with the web address.